About Us
New England Veterans Liberty House is a not-for-profit organization  501 (c) (3) that represents veterans in the state of Massachusetts

New England Veterans Liberty House aids those veterans who are experiencing a multitude of difficulties.  Veteran in distress - due to combat/non-combat stresses- often need an advocate to enforce/assert their rights.  New England Veterans Liberty House provides services and service referrals to address the overlapping concerns of veterans, both young and old, that will support our veterans to maintain an active productive lifestyle.

When a veteran is in need of supports, most often it is another veteran who can truly understand their need, and coordinate appropriate services or service referrals.  Veterans advocating for veterans is our mission.   NEVLH offers veterans in need the assistance they've earned and so rightfully deserve, and might not otherwise be able to afford without help.

New England Veterans Liberty House will assist with acclimating the veteran back into the civilian sector. We will provide, or make services referrals for  direct and indirect services such as group and individual counseling, alcohol and drug counseling, case management, employment support, employment training, employment referrals, basic health care and temporary, transitional, or long term housing in a sober and drug free environment on a case by case, as needed basis.

Our  expectation is  to empower the veteran to transform their own lives back into society by serving others, having a direct, positive impact on those around them. We will support a veterans self-sufficiency by bringing veterans and civilians together, allowing veterans to be more connected to their communities to reduce social isolation, and to restore a life with meaning and dignity.

599 Canal Street
6 East Suite 17
Lawrence, Mass., MA 01841

Office Hours:
Mon - Fri: 10AM - 5PM
Sat: 10AM - 2PM
Sun: Closed

Suicide Prevention Hotline

Veterans experiencing an emotional crisis and need to speak to someone immediately, Please call the number listed below 24 Hours-a-day!

1-800-273-TALK (8255)

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